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Day of fear and anxiousness
Friday, 8 September 2017

Today is the day Heidi will be giving her answers whether she'll choose her twin and accept him as boyfriend today. The thought of it makes me scared, anxious and sad. A combination of all mixed feelings. If she really choose him, 我也只好祝福他们了。 不知道为了她掉了多少眼泪,每天都活在恐慌的世界里。 我的开心果快要变别人的开心果了。 如果她选我该有多好。可惜没如果。

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Boston girl
Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Can't believe after a month i'm about to lose her away. Do i really stand a chance of getting her back? Wonder why i started this blog? To jot down memories of her and times when we were happy. I really wished to be with her. Every inch of me yearn for her presence and being loved by her. I guess she will still choose him after all. I'm nothing compared to him after all. When she needed concern and care, he is there for her. I remember the first time when i talked on the phone with her, she was purchasing Starbucks and told me some funny stuff about a girl biting a guy's dick. I told myself at that point of time that this girl is interesting and funny, weird. And i can't believe after spending some time with her, i gradually fall for her. She will talk to me daily and we called each other on the phone. She is the reason i smiled every morning when i wake up. First to reply her text and wishing her a good sleep. Played Showtime (a game) with her, talked about everyday problems and advising her on what food to buy for lunch. She is a bubbly and cheerful girl i known so far. Unfortunately distance sucks and i wish i can hug her and never let her go if she's ever beside me. I told myself i must work hard and go look for her when finish my service ( service is a such a bother). She taught me many things in life and gave me advice i will never forget. That's all for today. Having a headache now.

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